What our Customers say...


Chuck was awesome. He did great work. Both my wife and I were impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and courteous nature. Chuck cared about our concerns and he was great to have on our "project."

Good people, good service, would have them back in a heartbeat.

Andy & his SERVPRO crew showed such amazing care, concern & compassion for us, our home and our situation! Andy truly went above and beyond to ensure our process was as smooth as possible. The crew was so meticulous they left our home spotless... you never would have known they did any work in our home!!! Truly heaven sent we can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

SERVPRO takes such great care of our clients! Water damage can be such a stressful and frustrating problem, but Mark and his team do a great job of working with our clients and claims adjusters to make the remediation process go as smooth as possible!

Cannot say enough good things about Mark with SERVPRO. He is an awesome personality and I would trust that he would take care of anyone I would send his way!

One day I woke up to a flooded basement with water gushing out of the water meter that had busted, 4-5 of water throughout. I called SERVPRO and they responded immediately, walked me through what they would do and what steps I should take; calling insurance company, plumber, etc. 

I'm so thankful for the crews exceptional prompt response to my call. They worked tirelessly for days to clean up and dry out. Cannot sing their praises loud enough. Everyone was so helpful and went out of their way to do what not only needed to be done but did it with a pleasant and nice attitude.

For 5 days I got to enjoy peace of mind knowing true professionals were taking care of clean up, drying out everything as well as removing the items that were damaged.

I called SERVPRO and was able to get someone that day to assist me with water I had in my basement. I am so thankful for the quick response to my needs and the work that was done to ensure no further damage to my basement. The staff was friendly and seemed concerned about my situation.

The sewer backed up into our basement. With sewage in our furnace and shop area and the basement bath and part of the carpeted area adjacent to the bath. I called a plumbing contractor to clean the sewer line. I called SERVPRO and a team of them came to our house. They were extremely professional, they started cleaning up the mess right away. I'm so thankful for how professional, yet empathetic these men went about their tasks, it was extremely impressive. I will gladly refer SERVPRO to anyone I know who needs their services. They did a thorough job of cleaning up the mess.

I am so thankful for your help, you made a difficult time so much easier. I would call you again in a heartbeat. Easy to deal with, wonderful service and lovely, kind people.Thanks again!

I accidentally had a grease fire in my kitchen. The smoke was horrendous! I called SERVPRO and the very next day they came out and three men worked for three days to remove all soot from the walls and all light fixtures. I'm so thankful for their excellent hard work and very nice personalities.

We discovered a real mess, our daughter came to our rescue. I called our insurance agent and he was very helpful. He called SERVPRO which really helped and was a great service for us. They were very prompt in coming and did great. SERVPRO, my agent, the production manager and the help at SERVPRO were very polite and we have no complaints.

One day I walked into the back room of my store and a pipe caused a leak and SERVPRO was there to take care of my cleaning needs! They were so friendly and courteous. I am very impressed with their promptness to help me. I'm so thankful for teh respectful team members at SERVPRO who value my business. I will definitely use SERVPRO for all my cleaning and restoration needs within my company. Two thumbs up to Colton. They made my floors look brand new!! 5 out of 5 stars all around.

I came home from vacation to find the dishwasher tub had filled and over flowed onto the kitchen floor, then leaked to the ceiling in the basement, staining the ceiling and carpet. I called SERVPRO and immediately after I contacted my insurance company. Andy called to set up an appointment to come out to the house and start the process of drying out the floor, ceiling, and carpet. I'm so thankful for Andy coming so quickly, explaining what he was going to do and immediately starting the drying out process. Andy was very knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and friendly. I was quite comfortable with all he told me about what he was going to do. I appreciate the fact that he was very careful when he brought the equipment and that he was respectful of our home. It was certainly a good experience and I would definitely recommend your company and particularly Andy. He was a pleasure to have in our home.

One day I found that a pipe had broke in my attic and leaked into my garage and laundry room. I called SERVPRO and they came out immediately and took all appropriate measures to insure the damage was minimized and would not spread. I'm so thankful for their professionalism, communication, and sense of urgency to get the situation under control. I would highly recommend their services to anyone that would have water damage.

You guys are Professional Beasts! Thanks for getting the job done with supreme excellence!

Water accumulated under my wooden floors. I called SERVPRO because I know the mitigation will be honest. I'm so thankful for SERVPRO! Professionals in the home doing what's right for "EVERYBODY."

I called SERVPRO and they quickly went over short notice service needs. The guys did a great job and have great positive attitudes (makes a big difference to us) on time and diligent.

Thank you for the peace of mind in knowing my home is taken care of!

SERVPRO was very prompt and helpful.

One day I was overwhelmed with the water damage in my home. I called SERVPRO and they came right away and were very considerate and helpful. I'm so thankful for the professional service I received!

I came home to the horrible sound of gushing water when I opened the door to my home. A water pipe had burst flooding my kitchen, cupboards and anything in it's path. I called SERVPRO and they came to my rescue immediately. The techs worked into the middle of the night. Andy made subsequent visits and followed through to completion.

I'm so thankful for Andy and SERVPRO! I was impressed by your service from the start. I was extremely thankful that the technicians were able to come that same evening, as I was in a state of panic. The entire crew were extremely professional, and knowledgeable. I appreciated them taking the time to explain the process to me as this was my first experience with restoration. I felt confident in their hands. They were always polite and empathetic. I appreciated the phone calls and texts from Andy, keeping me updated on plans and progress. Andy when above and beyond, especially the final day. Thank you for salvaging two of my cupboards, moving them to the garage and setting them up for me. They serve as a reminder of your excellence!

I feel like you are my heroes! I cannot thank you enough! Exemplary service, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, empathetic, dedicated, hard working, thorough, diligent and impressive! I also appreciated everyone's calm demeanor. It helped alleviate my stress level. 

One day I called SERVPRO to come out to clean up water damage. The receptionist quoted 2-3 days to come out. They came out on the third day and started clean up. They came out and cleaned for a total of three days and explained everything to me. I'm so thankful for them coming out so soon with all of the pipes bursting throughout Omaha and doing a great job.

We noticed we had a broken water pipe in our basement due to the extremely cold weather. Our insurance company set us up with SERVPRO. They did a great job from the minute they came in the house. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who has the need. Very professional!

Chuck was very friendly, helpful and prompt. He kept me informed about the work and worked around my schedule.

My son discovered a broken water pipe in my basement. We immediately called my plumber who recommended SERVPRO. We called and Andy came that evening, setting things into motion. I'm so thankful for the prompt service you all provided, and now on to getting things back to normal!

One day I flooded the kitchen and it went through the floor into the finished basement, ruining carpet and ceiling under the kitchen. I called my agent and he recommended SERVPRO. Thank goodness. I'm so thankful for the service, the men who came out, and Andy. They are wonderful. They did their job. I never in my dreams thought anyone could be so excellent in their job. Thank you for everything.

I had a new washing machine delivered and installed. Unfortunately, the installers did it incorrectly and flooded my laundry room. My laundry room floor had to come up and my dining room ceiling below had to come down.

I called SERVPRO and they came immediately. I'm so thankful for their prompt, professional staff and patience with billing as I waited for my insurance check!

You guys Rock!

We so appreciate all your dedicated hours that you worked to insure a smooth transition out and back into our home. Even after we returned...We are proud that you work for SERVPRO, you are a great blessing.

Your crew did good job for me! Would hire again and refer to the others! So thankful and happiness in my basement! Keep Going!

One day I found my kitchen floor soaked. I called insurance and was given the number for SERVPRO. They called ahead, Andy was on time, extremely polite and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable leaving Andy alone in my house and gave him a garage opener to come and go as needed. I'm so thankful for the great service!! It's so uncommon! They are very knowledgeable and extremely professional!

At 8:45 p.m. I went downstairs after going to the store and found water all over the basement. We tried to dry vac as much water as we could, and called insurance the next day. SERVPRO responded very quickly and got the carpet lifted and fans going, and even moved our furniture. I'm so thankful for insurance and for SERVPRO to help with this mess, it really was a blessing.

Our basement had some leaky foundation issues that have been going on for a while. Things got real bad, so we had SERVPRO come out and take a look. They were able to come out that day and gave me an estimate and started work the next day! Andy was great! Very nice and easy to work with. The whole crew worked fast and efficiently. They had everything cleaned up and smelling better in 2 days! I highly recommend them.

One day I had a fire in my apartment. I called SERVPRO and they helped me to not only clean my salvageable items, but also helped me to clean out/trash the nons-salvageable items. I am so thankful for Andy, who explained the whole process to me and was very patient with all of my questions. He was very prompt with replying via call or text and communicated with my insurance people for me in a timely manner. Thank you so much SERVPRO!

We are buying a home and the appraiser came in and saw some mold that had to be taken care of before we could close. We called SERVPRO and spoke with Andy, he explained everything and was wonderful to work with. The two gentlemen that did the work were also great. As we continue our work on the house we will call SERVPRO again if we need assistance.

I would call SERVPRO again if this were to happen again. I'm so thankful for Andy who was so helpful and so very patient with all of our questions. I am so very thankful the problem is solved and I do not have to worry about mold. The other young men working here were very helpful as well.

I was so grateful to see SERVPRO who arrived early the day after we lost our roof and got water inside damaging 3 levels of our home.

I called SERVPRO and they offered to come the night of the storm but we did not have power. They arrived early the next day with 46 pieces of equipment and instantly began hauling out carpet and cleaning up.

I'm so thankful for everything they did for us, a very good, hard working group of people, and very polite. I will highly recommend them!

One night we had a bad wind and hail storm that put a large tree branch through my roof and created much water and physical damage. SERVPRO came out to remove all the items that got wet and run their large dehumidifiers. I'm so thankful for the quickness of the service of SERVPRO for getting the water damage out before mold started.

One day I had a fridge that left some black mold on the wall. I called SERVPRO and they took care of it quickly and efficiently. I'm so thankful for Andy, he did an excellent job and quickly.

Production Manager Andy was easy to talk to and he always listened!

One day my wife left water running in the bathroom sink for about 30 minutes, we did everything we could do eliminate as much water as we could. This was 9 PM on Friday night.

I called SERVPRO Saturday morning, they were here quickly and went right to work cleaning up the mess. 

I'm so thankful for Andy's prompt attention, professionalism, and genuine concern, they did a great job.

One day I came downstairs to do some laundry and saw water in the room. I walked into our finished family room and I had footprints everywhere I walked. This is your worst nightmare at 10PM on a Friday night.

I called SERVPRO and they were here within 30 minutes of my call on Saturday morning with a crew, fans, and a dehumidifier. 

I'm so thankful for SERVPRO. Andy was easy to work with. They pulled the carpet, took up the carpet pad and hauled it away, we had fans drying the carpet. They were fast and very helpful with one and a half rooms that had wet carpet. When you have water in a finished basement, you want someone who knows how to dry it out to prevent any further damage to your belongings. 


One day I found my water softener leaking. I called SERVPRO and they arrived promptly and got the drying process started. I'm so thankful for the follow up calls during the process and the great results after everything was dry.

Great service, professional, prompts and courteous. Definitely experts in their field. Would recommend and use them in the future.

The gentlemen did a great job and were pleasant and courteous. I was very comfortable with them being in my home, even when I wasn't there.

One morning I woke at 2 A.M. to find 2-3 inches of water covering the floor of our finished basement. I called the insurance company at 7 A.M. and was contacted by Andy from SERVPRO by 8 A.M. They had a mitigation crew here by 9 A.M. FANTASTIC!

Andy from SERVPRO contacted me after American Family contacted him and he explained the early stages of the mitigation project, and was here in no time with a crew and all the right equipment for the job!

I'm so thankful for American Family insurance's advice to use SERVPRO. They were timely, prepared, equipped, knowledgeable, and professional!

Andy Petersen the production manager put us to ease as we had never experienced a problem like this before. He was so personable, thoughtful, and explained every part of the cleaning, tear out, drying, and insurance process. He checked back, or stopped by through out the week staying on top of everything. We can't thank him enough for his kindness, knowledge, and work ethic. We are extremely GREATFUL to him, his crew, and SERVPRO's professional job, handling our flooding nightmare.

One day I received a phone call that our hot water heater had blown a hose. American Family called SERVPRO. SERVPRO came and cleaned the basement of all the wet remnants from the flood from above. We were very pleased with the job that was done.

One day I came home from vacation to find that the hot water heater had sprung a leak and flooded my basement. I called SERVPRO and before I knew it Andy was here to begin the cleanup. I'm so thankful for the entire crew for their quick and efficient work. They were very professional workers and very easy to work with. Andy kept in touch with me through the entire process. I highly recommend SERVPRO for damage cleanup. Thank you!

One day I received a phone call from Council Bluffs Fire Marshall that there had been a small fire at my house while I was gone. My ex-husband had accidentally started my house on fire while he was using a torch to thaw out the outside water faucet. My insurance company called SERVPRO and they came as soon as they could. I'm so thankful for the awesome crew of men that came to my house and cleaned the fire and smoke damage. The man in charge, Chuck, was fantastic to work with. I stopped at my house several times to grab my belongings, and they were all very courteous and professional. They even did a few extra things for me that they didn't have to do, like move a heavy couch and two love seats out to the driveway for us to get rid of. They did a wonderful job on everything. I would definitely recommend your company to any one that might need it.

One day I awoke to water flooding my house because a toilet overflowed and ran all night. I called SERVPRO and was very pleased with how quickly they responded to our problem. I'm so thankful for their hard work and diligence in getting the job done right. They were professional and courteous while working with us. I especially appreciated the very timely updates to keep us informed! Thank you SERVPRO!

One day I found a horribly stinky wet area in my office, hidden under a large area rug. Water had leaked from my neighbor's sink for over three weeks before I discovered it. I called SERVPRO and Andy came out and carefully accessed the situation. He discovered what he found and how he could fix the issue. He carefully weighed options before having to cut a hole in the wall to dry out the wall inside. Andy was extremely knowledgeable, meticulously careful, conscious of costs and friendly too. I'm so thankful to have an office that smells nice again, and also the peace of mind that there are no moldy dangers lurking in there. My business is paper and books and moisture, mildew, and mold are not friends to books! Thank you for doing what you do! 

One day I panicked, my husband and I are opening a business in two months and have no time to deal with a flood in our home. We called our insurance company who recommended SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest. I called SERVPRO and put the flood in their hands. First, Andy was spectacular to work with! He kept me up to speed on the progress of taking care of the drying process. He was easily accessible by text. Dealt with my dog when I was gone too. I'm so thankful for the ease in the SERVPRO process! I did not have to be home when Andy came  by. I appreciated how neat and clean he was when he left. He tore down drywall and I couldn't find one left over piece on the ground. Our basement was perfectly dry. The biggest thing I'm grateful for was I did not have to worry about anything. I did not have time to deal with this situation. Andy was spectacular. I would definitely recommend them. So professional. He was even over to our house within a half hour of my call. Thank you SERVPRO.

One day I arrived home with my wife and found a waterfall scene from our living room ceiling. It was beautiful, but decided to have it cleaned. I called SERVPRO of Omaha Northwest and Andy showed up with in an hour and immediately began the arduous cleaning process. It was dry and completed in under 3 days. I'm so thankful for his description, it went exactly as Andy described. Most of all I admire how quick and efficient the service and process happened. I am so thankful for Andy and SERVPRO. I will recommend to everyone.

One day we had our hot water heater catch fire. The insurance claims adjuster gave us the information to call SERVPRO and they were here within hours of the call. I am thankful for the service that SERVPRO gave me.

One day our basement drain backed up and created a flood. The smell was awful and we had excess water in our basement. We contacted SERVPRO and they were prompt, worked quickly and quietly to remove the flood. They cleaned the air as well, made it smell better and cleaned and disinfected the floors. They left equipment overnight to solve the problem. The basement has never been as clean as it is now. We are so thankful for SERVPRO and the open communication from all the guys there.

I've been really impressed with Andy he has been so helpful and so professional. I just got a good feeling when I left my apartment key with him, that can make anyone nervous but I just felt I could trust him. He has been so helpful talking back and forth with State Farm and keeping me updated. He is doing a great job and I am very impressed. Thank you so much.

One morning I went to get coffee and stepped in water. The toilet flush valve had leaked to the extent the septic system was leaking onto the floor, half of the house was wet. I called SERVPRO and they came out quickly and began to evaluate the extent of the damage. They formulated a strategy for drying out everything and removing all contaminated material from the house. I'm so thankful for them helping restoring order to our lives, we cannot imagine how we would have coped with this mess without SERVPRO people helping out. They worked closely with our Insurance Adjuster and could even suggest a reputable contractor to repair the house.

I'm so thankful for Andy and his team from SERVPRO. They took so much stress off us! All the workers were kind and really seemed to care a lot! I will recommend them to friends and family. I mentioned this to one co-worker who told me that he had a similar experience and SERVPRO was excellent. Thank you!

One day I needed SERVPRO's service! It worked out! I called SERVPRO and got great results. I'm so thankful for their service second time around? They were very professional and kind. That is rare in the world today and I cannot thank you enough.

One day I went into the downstairs bedroom and saw water falling from the ceiling tile, then saw water on the carpet. I called SERVPRO and they came that same morning. I'm so thankful for the work they did and the cleanup, removing the water damaged bed, chair, carpet, etc. and getting the area dried out.

One day it started to rain and not stop. This caused our basement to flood with water. I called SERVPRO and they answered the phone even though the hour was late. I am thankful for SERVPRO showing up the next morning and cleaning up the mess caused by the flood. SERVPRO had our basement totally dry in just a few days. We are very pleased with the work and customer service skills during our time of need.

The water meter to our house broke and the basement flooded. It had got our brand new carpet wet, the drywall was wet and also the trim boards in the basement. We had heard of SERVPRO and gave them a call. Andy the Production Manager came out quickly, took a look and they got started on the restoration work the next day. We have been very impressed with their work, they are very thorough, very professional and we would recommend them to anyone who needs to have restoration work done.

In the middle of the night our neighbor knocked on the door and my wife woke up and there was a fire, the entire complex was going up in flames. Unfortunately there was not much to save, but we called SERVPRO and we were surprised they were able to save quite a bit more than we thought was savable. They are very professional and we are very satisfied with their service.

I had a problem with my plumbing and we called SERVPRO to come in because we received an estimate for repairs which was extremely high and the gentleman arrived they were very empathetic, understood our problem and said to us, to go sit down have a cup of tea and not to worry they will take care of everything and they did!

We were in the process of selling our home and the home inspection showed mold in the attic. We called SERVPRO and not only did they have the best price but they were able to come remedy the mold in just a few days! We really appreciated that SERVPRO understood the urgency of our situation and worked to get the problem fixed quickly so we didn't have to change our closing date.

One afternoon I found a lot of water running everywhere. I called my agent and after a call to SERVPRO, they came right away and they did a wonderful job cleaning up. I'm really thankful for Andy and his crew members.

One day I came home and found a river running down our house. I was surprised to see water all the way from the top floor to our basement. We called SERVPRO and received awesome customer service, expedient attention to our issue and great communication on how to toggle the immediate issue we were very thankful for Andy and the professionalism, the thoroughness, and answering all our questions.

Really appreciate all the time you gave us. SERVPRO did a good job. Very professional.

I am very satisfied with SERVPRO's services, and would recommend them.

Andy was very helpful in discussing the water damage in my basement. He really took the time to discuss the problem as well as potential solutions. I appreciated his ability to not only do work in a timely manner but to make me aware of progress being made while offering reassurance. I would definitely use SERVPRO again for any water damages in the future.

If you ever have any home disaster weather it be a tornado, water damage, or hail there is no one better to deal with than SERVPRO. I was amazed at the rate they got here and feel they are very loyal. They had everything torn out, thrown away and the clean up was awesome. I can't begin to compliment SERVPRO enough.

I had the unfortunate problem of water flooding my basement by coming into a newly installed egress window.  The first time there was no carpet, flooring or baseboard trim down but there was still 2 inches of water! SERVPRO came out immediately with their extraction truck and removed all the stading water and left a dehumidifier and blower fans until the space was dried out.  The second time after 11 inches of rain, the window well filled up again and soaked the carpet, pad and the flooring.  I immediately called SERVPRO and they sent someone out early the next morning.  I was impressed with how quickly they came and how professional the service was.  An hour later they had the carpet drying, the pad removed and a dehumidifier running in the space.  Since SERVPRO came and acted so quickly with the water removal, my damages to the basement were minimal, and lowered my cost to put the space back to the way it was.  I hope I never have a water problem again, but if I did, I would not hesitate to call the professionals at SERVPRO!!